Save The Date! New Exhibition: August 11 Gallery Futura Pietrasanta,

wazzap-new exhibition- anthony moman
Wazzap ! New show at Gallery Futura, Pietrasanta

Nomophobia Inspired Anthony Moman’s New Syringe Art Installation

Nomophobia is the irrational fear of being without your phone. If you cannot stop using your smartphone here is an instant cure.
This installation continues Anthony Moman’s exploration of syringes in art. The syringes have an ambivalent, controversial  presence. For some they evoke feelings of horror triggering childhood memories of visits to the doctor for essential vaccinations, for others the  squalid imagery of discarded drug paraphernalia.

They were first used in the 1600s for different types of intravenous injections, followed by the 1850s when the French veterinary surgeon Charles Gabriel Pravaz and the Scottish doctor Alexander Wood developed a syringe. It had a hollow needle fine that pierced the skin. Initially made of metal by 1866 the barrels were made from glass enabling doctors to see the contents.
Syringes have most likely been the saviour of humanity but now are also associated with tattoos and cosmetic surgery as well as recreational drug use. The ambiguity of the syringes in Anthony Moman’s sculptures are what makes them unsettling.

Smartphone Addiction- Syringe Art Sculpture- Anthony Moman
Smartphone Addiction
Addicted to smartphones- Cure- Anthony Moman
Selfie Addiction (Art Installation Anthony Moman

Bear Necessities Sculpture by Anthony Moman in Milan during Design Week

bear necessities syringe sculpture by anthony moman
Bear Necessities Syringes on marine board in plexiglas box 110 x 90 cm


It was a real challenge to create a cuddly figure out of a divisive but highly symbolic medical instrument.                                                                                                                     
 The syringes used to create these sculptures provoke mixed reactions – for some there is a slightly awkward feeling that they are just a little bit inappropriate.
There are unwelcome thoughts about drug abuse and HIV from sharing needles. For others there is the lure of cosmetic surgery and the desire to achieve the perfect look whilst others fantasise about elaborate tattoos. Some think of childhood vaccinations, dentist injections, life saving treatment for diabetes, procreation via IVF and many more life saving medical treatments.
The issue of childhood vaccinations is so polemical especially when a political party seeking to win the Italian elections attacks it. My own Uncle survived an attack of polio as a child but was left without the use of his legs, limited hearing and loss of speech. He was nevertheless a great personality and much loved. This is for you, Zio Federico

Moman at Deus Cafe hosted by Futura Gallery during Milan Design Week

Moman at Deus Cafe Milan with Futura Gallery
Moman at Deus Cafe Milan with Futura Gallery

Feeling thrilled to be showing my work at the Deus Cafe hosted by Futura Gallery during Milan Design Week / Salone del Mobile on 18th April from 7.00 pm.


Pi greco Collective Exhibition Futura Art
Pi greco Collective Exhibition Futura Art Gallery

Saturday, April 7, 2018 marks a bit of history for Pietrasanta as the day when the Gallery Futura opens its doors officially.

szymon oltarzewski in pi greco
Szymon Oltarzewski in Pi Greco, Futura Gallery
PiGreco Sculpture Moman Futura Gallery
Pi wall sculpture by Anthony Moman encircled by Philippe Delenseigne’s moving installation.
Anthony Moman Galleria Futura at the inauguration of Pi Greco
Too many people inside the gallery for the inauguration so getting a few rays instead

In fact, the new Futura contemporary art gallery has a historic pedigree as Fienilarte, but with a new approach and spirit thanks to the direction of Claudio Francesconi, former founder of Gestalt Gallery.

Futura has decided to open its doors with a project of important cultural interest, a collective exhibition totally dedicated to the age old and stimulating relationship between art and science: an exhibition dedicated to one of the most mysterious and evocative symbols in the history of science, Pi Greco.

The exhibition entitled Pi Greco will begin with a short presentation, re-proposing the traditional #PillsOfArt review previously produced by Fienilarte, with a short speech by the teacher of mathematics, Professor Letizia Vaioli and will also have the honour of hosting the lawyer Anna Paola Negri Clementi, curator of the same foundation. The artists on show will be Paolo Dovichi, Szymon Oltarzewski, Mimmo Paladino, Tom Jó Coladelli, Anthony Moman, Philippe Delenseigne, Alfredo Sasso, Girolamo Ciulla, Roberto Fallani,Armando Marrocco. Ten artists of diverse experience and nationalities, united by the common goal to represent an enigma that has always entangled the minds of scientists: the Pi Greco.

Inauguration: Saturday 7 April at 6.00 pm
Exhibition Time: 10.30-13.00 16.30-19.30
Address: via Garibaldi 10, Pietrasanta, Italy
Contacts:,, Tel : 338.336.2101
Free entry

Lush Lip Sculpture in Pietrasanta

lush syringe art anthony moman
90 x 110 cm
Mixed Media

I am very happy to see this sculpture in Futura Gallery, Pietrasanta.
At first the iconic image of red lips seems titillating and a little trivial but look closer at the syringes used to create this sculpture and they may just provoke mixed reactions, discomfort, and a slightly awkward feeling that the needles are just a little bit inappropriate.
For some there are unwelcome thoughts about drug abuse and HIV from sharing needles. For others there is cosmetic surgery and botox and the desire to achieve the perfect look, for others there are fantasies of tattoos and others of childhood vaccinations, dentist injections, life saving treatment for diabetes, procreation via IVF and many more life saving medical treatments.
Look again at this work, it is loaded with hidden meanings.

Lips Sculpture Is A Work In Progress

I am transforming multiples of a single object, which on it’s own is loaded with symbolism, but in a group becomes an aesthetically pleasing object. This is called Lush and pays homage to plump, luscious lips whether natural or enhanced.

Lush-syringe art-wall sculpture-moman
Lush 90 x 110 cm Hypodermic syringes + acrylic marine wood in plexiglas
Lush 2018 Anthony Moman


Artists Giving Back

AOSP Syndrome charity show Anthony Moman
Andare Oltre Si Puo Art Exhibition helping Downs Syndrome children

I am proud to be part of the Andare Oltre Si Puo Art Exhibition, helping Downs Syndrome children and their families. The magnificent setting is the Palazzo Ducale, Lucca and the show is sponsored by the City of Lucca, Region of Tuscany, Comune of Capannori, Viareggio and Lucca Centre of Contemporary Art amongst others.  Everyone is united in raising awareness of the challenges these wonderful children, and their families face. The art exhibition lasts from December 16th – January 7th 2018

AOSP contemporary art exhibition Anthony Moman
Inauguration AOSP Contemporary Art Exhibition 
Love Is The Drug
Syringe on acrylic and marine board
42 x 42 cm
love is the drug syringe sculpture anthony moman
Love Is The Drug Syringe Sculpture

Clarity Sculpture by Moman

Clarity 2017, Syringes and butterfly needles on wood 75 x 80 cm

Latest in the series where syringes are the means of artistic expression. The female form is rendered more beautiful and ethereal with the butterfly intravenous syringes but they also serve to remind us that their widespread use in medicine has saved millions of lives.