Nomophobia Inspired Anthony Moman’s New Syringe Art Installation

Nomophobia is the irrational fear of being without your phone. If you cannot stop using your smartphone here is an instant cure.
This installation continues Anthony Moman’s exploration of syringes in art. The syringes have an ambivalent, controversial  presence. For some they evoke feelings of horror triggering childhood memories of visits to the doctor for essential vaccinations, for others the  squalid imagery of discarded drug paraphernalia.

They were first used in the 1600s for different types of intravenous injections, followed by the 1850s when the French veterinary surgeon Charles Gabriel Pravaz and the Scottish doctor Alexander Wood developed a syringe. It had a hollow needle fine that pierced the skin. Initially made of metal by 1866 the barrels were made from glass enabling doctors to see the contents.
Syringes have most likely been the saviour of humanity but now are also associated with tattoos and cosmetic surgery as well as recreational drug use. The ambiguity of the syringes in Anthony Moman’s sculptures are what makes them unsettling.

Smartphone Addiction- Syringe Art Sculpture- Anthony Moman
Smartphone Addiction
Addicted to smartphones- Cure- Anthony Moman
Selfie Addiction (Art Installation Anthony Moman

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