Lush Lip Sculpture in Clinique La Prairie

Lush_lip sculpture_Anthony Moman at Clinique_ La_Prairie_Switzerland
Lush 90 x 110 cm Syringes on marine board

I have some wall sculptures in Clinique La Prairie Switzerland.
This one is called Lush

Clinique La Prairie

1815 Clarens-Montreux, Suisse


Lips Sculpture Is A Work In Progress

I am transforming multiples of a single object, which on it’s own is loaded with symbolism, but in a group becomes an aesthetically pleasing object. This is called Lush and pays homage to plump, luscious lips whether natural or enhanced.

Lush-syringe art-wall sculpture-moman
Lush 90 x 110 cm Hypodermic syringes + acrylic marine wood in plexiglas
Lush 2018 Anthony Moman