Bear Necessities Sculpture by Anthony Moman in Milan during Design Week

bear necessities syringe sculpture by anthony moman
Bear Necessities Syringes on marine board in plexiglas box 110 x 90 cm


It was a real challenge to create a cuddly figure out of a divisive but highly symbolic medical instrument.                                                                                                                     
 The syringes used to create these sculptures provoke mixed reactions – for some there is a slightly awkward feeling that they are just a little bit inappropriate.
There are unwelcome thoughts about drug abuse and HIV from sharing needles. For others there is the lure of cosmetic surgery and the desire to achieve the perfect look whilst others fantasise about elaborate tattoos. Some think of childhood vaccinations, dentist injections, life saving treatment for diabetes, procreation via IVF and many more life saving medical treatments.
The issue of childhood vaccinations is so polemical especially when a political party seeking to win the Italian elections attacks it. My own Uncle survived an attack of polio as a child but was left without the use of his legs, limited hearing and loss of speech. He was nevertheless a great personality and much loved. This is for you, Zio Federico